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Make it blend in or stand out,
made-to-measure solutions.

We set the framework so that you can let your imagination run free. We offer endless customisability within that framework. Whether you want to blend in or stand out, we provide you with the tools.  

Use us as a tool to create your design

We provide architects, interior designers and commercial customers with the ability to customize the colouring or finishing of selected products. We offer all of our upholstery products in your preferred fabric.

Formed for necessity

De Vorm gives shape to necessities. Looks matter but function comes first. Our products harmonize with the rest of the interior and are a steady and trustworthy part of a whole. That is the only way to stand the test of time.

Made-to-measure solutions

As a Dutch company that is grounded in the European design mentality, we are straightforward and honest. That goes for our designs but also for the way we work.It is the only way we can make fully customizable products at a fair price.  

You are invited

We love working with young and upcoming talent. Likeminded people that challenge us and the status-quo. Who dare to go against the stream. People who question everything and look everywhere for new possibilities, new materials, emerging opportunities and ideas worth realizing.