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We create products by today's standards.

De Vorm is established in a new era, we develop products by the standards of today. This means we produce efficiently, use the full lifecycle of products and eventually give them a new life.


We like a product because of its functionality.

A good product makes life easier - it should be developed for helping us function better throughout the day. We firmly believe that the beauty of a design lies in the sum of functions that makes it a complete product.

Formed for its necessity

De Vorm gives shape to necessities. When we put our efforts in creating a product that is rather relevant - and works as good as it looks. Therefore we always predefine the conditions and functions when designing.

A good product is legible, accessible, but also environmental friendly and aesthetically perfectly in balance.

Harmonizing by simplifying

We believe our collection should also be environmental friendly on an architectural level. This means we’re conscious about it’s role in a lively and ever evolving space. It should be able to be in harmony with the rest of the interior and be a steady and trustworthy part of this whole. We do this by designing a product around the functions it should have and minimize decoration as much as possible.


Without thought
We’re aiming for a product that people won’t think about after it’s placement, but instantly contributes to a pleasant experience of the space. It should not only be from an excellent and strong build but also be understood without thought, be used without any hesitation and be comfortable for years.


Red Dot Design Award

Pod Chair 


Interior Innovation Award

LJ Series 


iF Design Award

Nook Lounge Chair 


iF Design Award

AK 2 Workplace Divider Lamp