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De Vorm


Forbo furniture linoleum collections are easy to clean and maintain. Following these guidelines will ensure that the optimum appearance of the product is retained.


1. Regular cleaning (recommended)

Moisture a cloth with some water to treat the stain on the linoleum furniture. Use just a little bit of water, a wet cloth is not necessary.

2. Cleaning with detergent

It is important to remove spots, stains and spillages as quickly as possible to prevent them from penetrating into the material. The surface can be cleaned with a neutral detergent and water.

If the treatment does not help, try soaking the surface in water with a pH-neutral Universal Cleaner for a few minutes. Scrub the surface gently with a white pad for example. Do not use anything more abrasive than a white pad to clean furniture linoleum. Finish by wiping off the dirty water with a cloth and rinse the surface with clean water and a clean cloth.

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