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PET Felt

PET Felt is 100% plastic, making it extremely easy to clean and maintain. 

PET Felt | Cleaning recommendations


1. Stains from liquids

To showcase the cleaning treatment of PET Felt, we present two liquids that cause common stains: espresso and red wine.

2. Cleaning with water

Due to its porous structure, PET Felt can be easily cleaned with copious amounts of water. Water cannot damage PET Felt. In most cases, water is sufficient to remove stains.

If a stain remains, it is advised to dab it with a dry towel while still wet. Do not rub! Rubbing can cause damage on PET Felt and may cause bald spots.

3. Stubborn stains (like ketchup)

4. Reduce the damage done

Without dabbing or rubbing collect the stain as shown in the video. Then apply copious amounts of water as shown in video 2 and see if this is sufficient.

5. Choose the right treatment

If water is not sufficient, stubborn stains can be removed with qualitative cleaning products like the James cleaning set.

Depending on the source of the stain, the James Cleaning set provides different solutions. Please read the James Cleaning manual for the right treatment of the stain.

6. Clean with detergent

Follow the manual as described in the James Cleaning set. In this case it was advised to treat the stain with detergent.

7. Success!

Let it dry naturally and discover that even the most stubborn stains can be removed!