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1. Is PET Felt made from 100% recycled plastic?

No, the current PET Felt technology doesn’t allow us to use recycled plastic only. There is a percentage of virgin fibres in PET Felt as well.

2. What is the percentage of recycled plastic in PET Felt?

Currently, the PET Felt used to make De Vorm’s products has up to 60% of recycled content. We are constantly working on improving the process in order to increase this number.

3. What is the source of PET waste that De Vorm uses to make furniture?

We produce locally in Western Europe. All the plastic bottles used to make De Vorm’s PET Felt collection come from European sorting centres.

4. Where are De Vorm’s products made?

We produce most of the product parts under our own management. For that, we collaborate with several suppliers from Western Europe. This means that most of our product components are produced within a radius of 900 km. Moreover, the vast majority of them are produced within a radius of 250 km.

5. Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

We strive to keep our packaging as sustainable as possible. For that, we use recycled or recyclable materials, such as corrugated cardboard and certified wooden formworks. Moreover, we try to keep the number of packaging materials at a minimum and work with transport partners who share the same values.