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1. As a large end customer, can I purchase directly from De Vorm?

As a general practice, we work with project contractors, they serve as intermediaries. We can help you find a project contractor in your area, they are always ready to help!

The only exception is large companies that have their own purchasing department. As this department also handles the service issues, they can purchase our products directly.

2. Can you offer a configured (custom) product for a trial placement?

We have a whole range of trial furniture to choose from. As a general practice, we cannot make a custom chair for trial placement – it is only possible at an additional cost.

3. What is the warranty period applicable to my order?

De Vorm’s warranty period is very extensive and is stated on our website.

Different warranty conditions apply to different products, depending on a product type and / or materials. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our warranty policy. 

4. Can you provide a price guarantee for long-term tenders of one or more years?

De Vorm uses a price list that is indexed annually. We try to keep indexation to a minimum, however, we are also dependent on our suppliers. Therefore, we can’t always provide long-term price guarantee. Please contact us and specify the order in question and the required term of price guarantee, so that we could give you a definite answer.  

5. Do you offer a quantity discount?

Since we work on a project basis, all our prices are already calculated for large order quantities. Therefore, even if you place a small order, you always get a price calculated for a large quantity. This makes our products affordable and maintains our pricing policy fair for all.

Also, we do not include the transport costs in the price. If we did, it would be easy to say that we offer a discount for larger quantities. This is, in fact, the surplus of the calculated transport costs included in the product price (transport costs decrease as the order amount increases).

6. Is a product in stock?

Yes, most of the parts are in stock, so many products can be assembled directly after you place an order.

Since our stock changes daily, we need to check the availability with the procurement department. Please contact us and provide the following information: type of product, amount and custom options (if any). We will get back to you shortly with the current stock information.

7. Is there a minimum order quantity for configuring a product?

There are certain custom products for which a minimum order quantity applies. If that is the case, you will see this information in the price list. ‘Special’ configurations, not covered in the price list, need to be discussed separately to make sure they are possible. Please let us know your wishes, and we will be happy to provide you with the applicable order conditions and prices.

8. Where can I see your products?

Most of our collection is presented in our showroom in Arnhem – you can always make an appointment to visit us or book a virtual tour. As an alternative, we can also offer some furniture for a trial placement.