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De Vorm

Mute Flow PET Felt Acoustic Panel

Discover how to process and install the Mute Flow PET Felt panels.


1. Cutting with a circular saw

Mute Acoustic Panels can be processed by a circular saw. The sides can be smoothened later.

2. Smooth sides

Due to the heat of the saw machine, the PET Felt can melt.

Small crumbs of PET Felt can easily be erased with sanding paper, a knife or even by hand. 

3. Cutting with a knife

Tailor made cut outs can be added on site with a knife. We recommend a knife for small and straight cut outs.

4. Installation with a staple gun

There are various ways of installation. We have good experiences with tacking the panels on to wooden slats.

Tacking with a staple gun is a strong and efficient way to install the panels. It also creates a cavity behind the panels, contributing to a better acoustic performance.