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Onde PET Felt Acoustic Panel

The following instructions will help you install the Onde acoustic panels. Use the document below and follow the video instructions for mounting the panels on the wall. 

Onde | Installation Guide


1. Draw your configuration

Before you start, imagine the required space for the configuration you would like to install. The possibillities are various, depending on the amount of ordered panels.

2. Cut the marker points

Cut holes on the marker points. They function as a grid to attach the panels to the wall.

3. Attach the paper sheet to the wall

Think of the required space around you if your configuration is larger than only one paper sheet. A spirit leveller helps to place your configuration straight. 

4. Set markers according to the grid

In this example, our installer makes a configuration that demands a reposition the paper sheet. 

In all cases, be sure you'll stay within the grid by proceeding on the previous markers. From this point any further markers can be set. 

5. Drill holes in the wall

Depending on the wall and its structure, choose the right drilling method.

6. Insert the wall plugs

Choose suitable plugs and insert these into the wall.

7. Install connection plates

The round connection plates are connected to the wall by using the included screws.

8. Connect a panel using the magnetic dot

The magnetic dot on the back of the panel is a powerful tool to connect the panels. 

Note: if you would like to replace the installed panels, make sure you'll slide the panels off instead of pulling. This due of the heavy force caused by the strong magnets.

9. Install your configuration

Start with the lowest line of panels. From there, connect panels within the same direction on the line above. Finish with the panels that are placed on the top line.

10. You're done!

Time for the final inspection. Make sure all panels are in the same direction and free of dust.