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Ole Scheeren: "The most important object is the table."


We had the chance to meet international architect Ole Scheeren during the What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam. For that occasion we created the ultimate one-on-one set up with two of our POD chairs facing each other. 


The result is captured in the video above. As part of the POD sessions, Ole Scheeren opens up about his view on the importance of the emotional aspect of a space and how to challenge that in different cultures around the world.


"For a very long time the architectural discourse and discussion has been governed by very material interests. Space was talked about as if it was a purely sculptural concern. I am really interested in the psychological and emotional aspect of a space."

Architect Ole Scheeren in POD sessions.
Ole Scheeren is a German architect and the founder of Buro OS, an international architecture firm that applies critical thinking to a process that extends beyond the boundaries of conventional architectural production. 

As Director and Partner of Rem Koolhaas' Dutch firm, OMA he was responsible for the iconic CCTV building in Beijing.