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LW 2 Rubber Pendant Lamp Designed by Laurens van Wieringen


The design of the LW Series was inspired by vintage industrial lamps. To give the lamps a surprising touch they are made out of soft rubber. Through dip moulding, the lamps have a flexible yet sturdy structure.


LW Series

The LW Series consists of 4 different lamps, all made with the same dip moulding technique.

LW 3
LW 4
LW 5



Custom Options

Customize colour of the cord
When ordering a minimum of 5 LW lamps of the same model and colour, the colour and length of the cord can be customized. The cord is available in black, yellow, white and red. 

Technical details


  • Lampshade
  • Vinyl - White inside with a Grey or Black Outside
  • Black Lampshade
  • Black Cord
  • Grey Lampshade
  • Yellow Cord
  • Note
  • Suitable for a E27 fitting and 20 Watt light max.


  • Vinyl ceiling cap
  • Vinyl Lamp shade
  • PVC cord (3 metres)
  • PE plug
  • Metal screw hook
  • PE - lustre terminal
  • ABS lamp holder
  • PP Strain relief
  • Suitable for an E27 fitting and 20 Watt light max.


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