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LW 3 Rubber Pendant Lamp Designed by Laurens van Wieringen


The design of the LW 3 is inspired by old industrial lamps. The lamp is made of soft rubber, giving it a surprising feature of combined flexibility and sturdiness. The vintage look and minimalism of LW 3 give any kind of interior a refined addition. The pendant lamp can be used in different settings such as offices, public spaces and restaurants. 

Custom options

When ordering a minimum of 5 LW lamps of the same model and colour, the colour and length of the cord can be customised. The cord is available in black, yellow, white and red. 
Choose the model

Choose the model

Customise the cord

Customise the cord

Select colour

Select colour


LW 3 in projects

We have spotted the LW 3 in several beautiful projects. The pendant lamp blends in the interior designs of Dutch Bank Rabobank and the World Trade Centre of The Hague. Have we overlooked any cool project featuring the LW 3? Please let us know.

Designed by Laurens van Wieringen

Laurens van Wieringen is the Amsterdam-based designer, who founded his studio in 2013. Van Wieringen focuses on designing several concepts such as offices, hotels and restaurants. Laurens also designs interior products like lamps and chairs. He applies smart solutions and techniques from several fields to achieve the exceptional quality of his designs.

Dip moulding

Dip moulding is a method which is used to produce a durable, solid end product that has to meet high standards. This flexible material is suitable for the production of complex shapes, large and small. Double-dipping gives the lamps a different structure and colour on the inside and outside.



  • Lampshade
  • Vinyl
  • Cord
  • PVC

Technical details

  • Weight
  • 1.4 kg
  • Lampshade colours
  • Outside - Black/Grey
    Inside - White
  • Standard cord colours
  • Black lampshade - Black
    Grey lampshade - Yellow
  • Note
  • Suitable for E27 fitting and 20 Watt light max


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