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MG Series Side Tables Designed by De Vorm


MG Series consists of four functional side tables that have a clean and modest appearance. Four tables with distinctions in size and height — and therefore in function. The square tabletop made from high-quality wood veneer has a soft appearance due to the rounded corners, whilst the powder-coated steel frame gives the side table a robust touch. The tables can be used in various settings such as offices, restaurants and bars.

MG 1

MG 2

MG 3

MG 4


Designed by De Vorm

MG Series was designed by De Vorm. We firmly believe that a good product makes life easier. We do this by designing a product on the basis of its function and the minimization of decoration. Relevancy is key.  

We’re aiming for a product that people don’t need to think about after it’s placed because it instantly contributes a pleasing experience to the space. This results in interior designs where esthetical and practical features are completely balanced. 

MG Series

The MG Series consists of four side tables with bespoke options and distinctions in size and height. MG 1 and 2 are ideal to use as a coffee table for example, while MG 3 and 4 are suitable to create an office table.

The perfect match

MG Series is a perfect match with our seating furniture. The MG 1 and 2 can be fitted easily between the cushions of our Arnhem Sofa. MG 3 and 4 are a great match for a dining setting combined with the LJ 2 or Florian Series.

Endless bespoke options

Choose from any colour and size variations to make the perfect side table for any context. Decide how you want it and we’ll make it happen. Talk to our sales department about your plans.

Multiple settings

Each MG side table has a  different size and function. Combine MG 1 with the Pod Privacy Chair and you can create a small and private workplace. MG 2 functions as a perfect couch side table with the Arnhem Sofa, ideal for a comfortable workplace. Provide an intimate setting by using the MG 3 as a dinner table for two people, or create a larger company with the MG 4. 

Whatever the setting you need for your interior design, the bespoke options allow you to create the side table that meets your particular wishes. Choose a colour for the frame and any tabletop finish.


MG Series in projects

We love to see our MG Series popping up in several beautiful projects. MG Series adapts itself in many imaginable interior designs such as the restaurant PONG Pop Culture + Gastro, sustainable energy supplier Greenchoice and Dutch Bank Rabobank. In case you have seen the tables elsewhere, please let us know!

PEFC wood

PEFC wood

Recyclable after a long life span

Recyclable after a long life span

Technical details


  • Table top
  • MDF + Oak veneer, Clear
  • Column
  • Powder coated steel, Black
  • Note
  • MDF core is CARB2 certified


  • Powder coated steel column leg
  • MDF + Oak veneer
  • Felt gliders


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