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Musette Side Tables Designed by Ionna Vautrin


The distinctive shape of Musette side tables was inspired by oriental tables used during tea ceremonies. This elegant piece of furniture is composed of a conical base and a generous circular tray. Simple and functional, Musette is a humble eye-catcher in any setting. 

Playful duo 

Musette table comes in two variations - the higher coffee table and the lower side table. They can be used independently or as a duo. Adding a subtle accent to any lounge interior.


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Designed by Ionna Vautrin

Ionna Vautrin has an eminent talent to combine industry and poetry in her designs. Based in Paris, she cooperates with many world-known brands, including Industreal, Lexon, Wallpaper, Foscarini and Moustache. The creations of Ionna Vautrin are recognised by their signature functionality expressed in beautiful shape. Presenting simple and timeless solutions loved by so many users.

Musette in projects

You can spot our Musette tables in the new office design for Bosch AS and in smart services campus by Conclusion. Have you seen other projects with Musette? Please, do not hesitate to let us know!


Technical details

  • Weight
    Coffee table - 12 kg
    Side table - 10 kg


  • Any RAL colour with 70% gloss degree

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