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Spring Room Divider Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek


Green shades brighten up any interior. Spring is a playful, yet functional room divider with a nature-inspired look. The base made from clear ashwood serves as a solid ground for the long leaves of grass. The divider creates a subtle sensation of privacy within a larger space. Suitable for open-plan areas in public places and offices. 

Spring in projects 

The fresh appearance of the Spring creates an organic partition where it is needed. The divider was used in many commercial design projects. Have you seen any interior featuring Spring? We would love to know, please, get in touch

Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek

As a designer, entrepreneur and concept developer, Floris Schoonderbeek strives to provide answers to new needs. To offer practical solutions for a creative existence and a more beautiful world. In order to do that, his starting points are experience, functionality and sustainability.

If Floris hadn’t become a designer, he would have like to become a major. Either way, to bring a change to the world is his goal. His style can be recognised by a unique approach: Floris always starts with a 'scenario' for an activity or place, followed by designing a solution for that scenario.

Easy to recycle

The leaves of Spring are made from polythene, one of the cleanest types of plastic. We do not use glue in the production process, so the divider is easy to disassemble and recycle.



  • Leaves
  • Polythene
  • Base
  • Solid ashwood 

Technical details

  • Weight
  • 20 kg
  • Base colour
  • Clear lacquer

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