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Upside Down Couch Designed by De Vorm


Upside Down owes the name to its functional feature, a rotatable armrest. Turn the armrest upside down to use it as a side table. The elegant design and clean lines make this couch suitable for any lounge interior, from hotel lobbies to breakout areas. Upside Down is available in three sizes and comes with two types of feet. Mix and match different fabrics to create a unique look.    
Mockup Configurator Upside Down Couch

Upside Down Couch is fully customisable

Go ahead and create your own Upside Down. From its size to its fabrics - the options are there to make the couch blend in or stand out in any context. Curiosity triggered? Let’s play!



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Upside Down Couch in projects

Upside Down has been applied in many commercial design projects. It pleases the visitors of City Hall Delft and creates an inviting lounge zone at Smart Services Campus Conclusion. Have you seen it anywhere else? Please, let us know.



  • Body + reversible armrest
    Plywood + high-resilience foam, upholstered*
  • Feet
    Solid oak / Solid walnut, lacquered
  • Plinth
    Plywood, upholstered

Technical details

  • Length
    205 / 235 / 265 cm
  • Weight
    62 / 67 / 73 kg


  • Upholstery*

    * Separate modules can be upholstered in different fabrics
  • Feet
    Standard: Clear lacquer
    Custom: Any RAL colour with 70% gloss degree

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