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Vik Model k UV-C Disinfection Chamber Designed by De Vorm


Vik Model k is developed by De Vorm to help businesses, retailers and offices return to work safely. Model k is the smallest one of the family but packs a mean punch. Within 5 seconds, 99,999% of all bacteria and viruses are dead, including Covid-19.

What is UV-C?

Vik harnesses the power of UV-C to disinfect. Next to UV-A and UV-B, there is UV-C. They are all emitted by the sun but only type a and b reach the surface of the earth. This is what gives us a nice tan in the summer. UV-C is completely blocked by the atmosphere. Life on earth hasn’t developed protection against UV-C radiation. That is why it’s such an effective disinfectant. When used in a closed environment, such as a disinfection chamber, it is completely safe. 

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Virus-free in 20 seconds

Virus-free in 20 seconds

Kills 99,999% of bacteria

Kills 99,999% of bacteria

Easy to use

Easy to use

No chemicals or residue

No chemicals or residue


Why you need Vik and UV-C disinfection

The corona-pandemic has changed how we think about personal hygiene. In most countries, it’s now completely normal to wear a facemask, wash your hands regularly and maintain social distance. 

But there is a blind spot. After washing your hands, what is the first thing you grab or touch? Your phone, laptop or keyboard. Those everyday items should be just as clean as your hands or else the risk of cross-contamination remains. So along with washing your hands, you should also clean your hardware multiple times per day.

How does UV-C disinfection work? 

Vik disinfects equipment with UV-C light. There has been experience with disinfecting with this technology since the early 1900s. First mainly to purify water and later also for air treatment in the medical sector. Surfaces are not affected by the radiation and UV-C light is therefore safe and easy to use. Vik works with UV-C lamps from Philips. These lamps have been extensively tested and are used worldwide to disinfect hospitals, aircraft and air. 


Vik Model k performance

  • Log 5 reduction
    5 seconds
  • Eliminates
    Viruses like SARS-CoV-2, influenza and other viruses
    Bacteria like Staphylococcus, E. coli and other bacteria
    Mould like Aspergillus, Penicillium and other moulds

Technical details

  • Outer size
    L: 490 mm W: 317 H: 245 mm
  • Disinfection chamber size
    L: 425 mm W: 250 mm H: 90 mm

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