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2 Cups Bar


The rounded shapes of 2 Cups Bar surprise instantly. The bar reveals itself within a wooden landscape, simulating the mountainous surroundings of the city of Chongqing. Soft PET Felt furniture plays a subtle role next to the outspoken wooden elements. 

Massive wooden landscape

The wooden elements became a blend of topography, landscape and furniture design. The mountainous terrain functions as large sofas where you can sit and lean on and as a guide of sight line at the entrance. It was processed with pure, solid wood.

Subtle PET Felt chairs

The PET Felt chairs are chosen because of their ability to be present in a subtle way. The impartial colour blend of the seat matches seemlessly with the interior of 2 Cups Bar. PET Felt is made from recycled plastic bottles.

DeVorm Daipu Architects PET Felt Chairs Design LJ Series 2 Cups Bar 112

Indoor and outdoor perspectives

The bar owner aimed to create a place where people can enjoy the unique skyline of the Yuzhong. Daipu Architects integrated the outdoor environment into multifunctional, wooden indoor landscapes.
“The elegant shape of the LJ Series conveys a sense of security and fits effortlessly into any interior space."

Dai Pu, Founder & Director Architect at Daipu Architects
DeVorm Daipu Architects PET Felt Chairs Design LJ Series 2 Cups Bar 15


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