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AdNovum is a tech company with a young and innovative spirit. Having more than 600 employees all over Asia and Europe, the firm is dedicated to the well-being of each team member. Vector Mais helped them realize this goal in the design of the new office in Lisbon.

Comfort and freedom

"Our goal was to create a contemporary and functional office design, where people feel comfortable and free to choose what space to use while developing different activities throughout the working day."
Vera Lucena, interior designer at Vector Mais

Different spaces for different working styles

The new Lisbon office presents a modern space with a relaxed and informal feel, adjustable to different working styles and needs of employees. In addition to multifunctional working areas, the facilities include meeting rooms of several sizes and individual phone booths. Employees also have a wide choice of leisure areas: a library, cafeteria, TV zone and a game room. 

LJ 1 and LJ 2 chairs by De Vorm contributed to the robust look of the place. The texture of the grey PET Felt and black-coloured frame added the desired industrial notes to the office design.

PET Felt in an industrial environment

"We have created an industrial environment with high-tech details, and for that purpose De Vorm chairs LJ 1 and LJ 2 had the perfect design. These products were our choice from the beginning, and their slim design, beautiful PET material and comfort, also helped us to conquer our client's immediate approval."

Vera Lucena, interior designer at Vector Mais



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