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Alemannenschule, Wutöschingen


The Alemannenschule Wutöschingen is the winner of the German School Award 2019 and stands for an innovate educational concept. This school has no teachers and no classrooms and is considered one of the best high schools in Germany. 

Innovative educational concept

The interdisciplinary design studio Raumreaktion worked closely together with the architect Harald Jäger to design the interior envelope of the building. The process was complex and required a diverse understanding of the user needs, the pedagogy and design. Raumreaktion worked closely together with the school board, the architect and political players to create a space where this innovative educational concept could flourish. 

The 400 m2 double height co-learning area is the functional and symbolic center of the space. It is the heart where collaboration takes place. The soft, round shapes of the customized furniture, the cosmic lighting installation, the vibrant colors, various sitting options as well as the mandala like art wall are all catering towards stimulating the psychological and physical comfort of the user group.

The design elements

Learning Labs such as the music room, the science lab, the language bistro as well as the gym room, Input rooms, the digital library and various collaborative areas are all located along the long hallways. Oversized windows allow visual transparency and encourage collaboration.

The multifunctional sculptural wooden bleacher is the threshold to the second floor. On which input rooms, a digital library, coaching rooms, silent rooms, and open collaborative areas are allocated. The design elements in these areas are calm and focusing more on the physical and functional comfort of the user. Simple form language, natural materials, less contrast in colors and shapes. The lighting is even. The furniture concept consists of a mixture of customized product design by Raumreaktion as well a selection of smaller, innovative, and sustainable European manufacturers. Rethinking school rethinking space!

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