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ASICS Europe


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ASICS has opened the new European headquarters designed to reflect their ‘Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ philosophy. Located in Hoofddorp, the brand-new workplace facilitates physical and mental well-being of employees through the use of space, light and natural materials.  

Human-centred workplace 

CBRE has designed the building following the traditional Japanese architecture principles and the vision of an efficient, recognisable and healthy working environment. The new interior aims to encourage movement and reduce stress among employees.

With the right balance and great variety of spaces, the office facilitates both a traditional office environment and alternative focus areas, open zones and flexible stations. In addition to various workspaces, there are also many fitness and well-being facilities available. 
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Translating brand into interior

In order to reflect the brand identity, CBRE has created a sound combination of the dynamics of the building and the vibrant appearance of the interior. This balance is reflected in the colour choice as well. You can spot many eye-catching pieces of furniture throughout the interior, such as the marine Nooks placed in the lounge zone. The interior architects have played with the frame colour to add an extra visual level to the interior. 

A perfect setting for every need

For each designated area, the interior architects have chosen the furniture that would best serve the outlined purpose. You can spot the LJ 3 and LJ 4 stools in informal settings where employees can eat, meet and talk, while the LJ 2 chairs were chosen for the private room. Our multi-functional Big tables have also found their application in any shared working areas.  

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"De Vorm products make a beautiful family of furniture - they combine well with each other and with the wooden elements, used in this interior. Customisability of chairs and stools was also a big plus. We could play with the frame colours to add bright accents and therefore link the interior to the brand identity of ASICS. Sustainability considerations were also taken into account - we pay careful attention to how the products are made and transported." 
Birgit van de Steenoven | Interior Architect at CBRE Design
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