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Big Orange - The Audio Agency


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Where sound is key 

Big Orange is an audio agency developing unique “audio experiences”, such as immersive podcasts, creative audio tours, and original soundtracks for brands. Given that acoustics is essential to the quality of their productions, the agency treats this aspect with special attention when designing their studio's.

To meet both aesthetic and functional requirements to their new recording studio in Utrecht, Big Orange invited a multidisciplinary team of experts - Workshop of Wonders interior architects and KB|MF acoustic specialists. 
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Top-notch interior for a historic location

Originally a wharf cellar, this space has a unique yet challenging shape - especially in terms of acoustics. Thanks to the close collaboration of all involved parties and a proper choice of sound-dampening solutions, the studio received high-quality acoustic treatment incorporated into an exceptional interior. 


High-quality acoustic solutions 

The original cellar ceilings were covered with Mute Flow Acoustic Panels, creating a unique rhythmic pattern. Additionally, the designers created a number of custom-made PET Felt elements at the recording spots to tackle sound issues locally.
de vorm big orange workshop of wonders 2

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