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Bovemij encourages their employers to work together in a personal and friendly manner. These values are reflected in a brand-new interior of their financial department, thoroughly designed by Rever Interieurprojecten. As a result, the office was retrofitted into a modern and lively workplace, where flexibility is key. 

Private and collaborative 

The new working environment is transparent, yet employees can get the desired privacy in the enclosed spaces. The acoustic solutions grant peace in the common areas, while the open layout encourages colleagues to interact in an informal manner. Private conversations and collective brainstorming take place in the designated meeting rooms. 

LJ 3 stools by De Vorm create alternative seating for group sessions and teamwork. 

Flexible workplace

Following the corporate identity of Bovemij, the new interior was designed with mobility in mind. It promotes freedom of movement and interaction inside the workplace. Multiple flexible workstations, meeting spaces and a cosy pantry are free to use at any time. Enabling employees to choose how and where they want to work, with no restrictions.

"LJ chairs add an aesthetic look to the interior — that’s why we have chosen them. It was also important for us to make the design sustainable. PET Felt furniture was a good choice." 
Jaytee van Veen | Senior Interior Architect



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