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Café Steve's, Schorndorf


A perfect flat white is what you get at Café Steve's in Schorndorf. What the traditional half-timbered facade dictates from the outside is complemented by the interior concept inside. Highlighting the personality of the host and bravely positioning itself against the traditional.

Strong statement

Studio Komo uses an intense blue to correspond with a melange of grey and a neutral colour palette. Dark-stained wooden fixtures add a "classic" component but seem rather unseen and modern in the overall composition. To add softness to the space, the architects chose neutral tones for the walls, covering them with acoustic panels. 

‘A task entirely to our taste, young, wild and blue!’
- Studio Komo

All-day quality of stay

The space is based on different seating and dwelling options. Front: quick seating (Hale chairs), see & be seen, and bar service. Rear: Family Bench (Upside Down Sofa), lounge area (Nook) and private area.

Subtle shadow play

The XXL shelving along the entire interior wall has the appearance of a settee. Its filigree frame structure is unobtrusive and takes a back seat. Studio Komo designed the shelves from wired glass, spotlights on the ceiling illuminate them directly and thus conjure up a subtle play of shadows on the wall.
  • Architect / Interior designStudio Komo
  • Client Café Steve's
  • Year 2021
  • LocationSchorndorf, Germany
  • PhotographyPhilip Kottlorz

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