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Citigate First Financial


VOID Interior architects really took control of De Vorm's customizable options. Nothing standard here. They created a space full of juxtaposing surfaces and materials within their tailor-made design for the new Citigate First Financial office in Amsterdam.

Contrast in every detail

The interior is designed with large contrasts between the cold building structures and the sophisticated furniture and material choices.

It looks both comfortable and corporate thanks to a fine contrast of hard and soft material use, glossy and matt surfaces or the dark and light zones spread throughout the building. 
"For this project we used custom fabrics from Kvadrad and Febrik on the walls and the floor, but also on the upholstery of the Pod chair and the Arnhem sofa."

Interior Architect Willemijn van den Broek, VOID Interieurarchitectuur.

Hard and soft

Another surprising contrast in materialism is the lighting. Hanging above hard lines and surfaces, the lights from the LW series have a very soft texture.  

The design of the LW Series are inspired by vintage industrial lamps. To give the lamps a surprising touch there was chosen for a material you wouldn't expect to find in a lamp, soft rubber. The lamps have a flexible yet sturdy structure.

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