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Code Working Space


PARAT fleshed out the mission for the Code Working Space project, designing a new spot with 50 workspaces in Hamburg, Germany. Resulting in a bright and vibrant place. Discover how De Vorm’s Big Modular Table and LJ PET Felt Chairs complement the interior design.

A place for every working style

Focusing on young IT-businesses, Code Working Space is the place to meet and work. The objective was to design work zones for different qualities and to choose haptic materials, creating a counterweight to the digital world. The atmosphere of the space was meant to be inviting and cosy.

The fresh and energetic yellow accents welcome you at the entrance. The reception area is intended for users to enjoy the tranquillity. Whatever the working style, PARAT created different workplaces that match every need. The so-called Desk area, including the infinite Big 74, offers twelve flexible working places. This space offers telephone cabins too, providing privacy on demand. Code Working Space is ideal to organize meetings and events. The great space of 480m2 has a communal kitchen and multiple small meeting rooms including a flexible workshop space. 

Promoting cooperation and networking

PARAT’s approach to interior design takes yellow as a thread, accentuating furniture and walls throughout the entire space. Contrasting with soothing grey and green colour tones. PARAT provided full support during the planning process and was satisfied with the result: a contemporary space, encouraging cooperative working and networking in a fun environment.

Featuring De Vorm

PARAT considers De Vorm’s interior products to be very adaptable. They needed a certain length for the worktable, choosing the infinite Big 74. Numerous configuration possibilities in materials and colours helped through the design process. 

As the LJ 1 PET Felt Chairs are made from recycled plastic bottles and have bespoke options in shell and colour frame, they were a perfect match in the interior design too. Creating comfortable and inviting seating zones throughout the meeting rooms and common areas. 
"De Vorm’s products are very adaptable. We like the numerous possibilities to configure the materials and colours."

Thomas Huth | PARAT Architects


"The design of De Vorm’s products is perfect to support the atmosphere and playfulness we wanted to create in the coworking space."

Thomas Huth | PARAT Architects

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