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Dab Group, Padua



Reinventing industrial design

Dab Group Offices, designed by Studio Alvise Stramare, focused on the renovation of a 1960s industrial building in Italy with a sustainable approach to modern architecture. Instead of opting for new construction, they expanded and repurposed the existing structure. This method not only preserves the historical essence of the building but also aligns with sustainable practices, showcasing an innovative way to modernise old industrial spaces.

Creating a dynamic workplace

The dynamic workspace's design includes Mute Flow PET Felt Acoustic Panels, which are suspended from the ceiling, adding to the acoustic quality of the area. This addition complements the flexible layout, which transitions from quiet to active zones, catering to various work styles and needs. The inclusion of these acoustic panels contributes to creating an environment supportive of both individual tasks and collaborative efforts. In the open spaces of the office, Hale PET Felt Stack Chairs were strategically placed, complementing the flexible environment and enhancing the comfort in areas designed for teamwork and communication.

Resourcefulness in execution

During the project, there were challenges with material shortages, yet the team managed to source materials effectively. Moreover, involving the client's workforce in certain phases of assembly demonstrates an inventive and participative approach to construction. The result is a flexible workspace that offers various layouts, emphasising employees' ability to choose their work style.
  • ArchitectStudio Alvise Stramare
  • Client Dab Group Offices
  • Year 2021-2022
  • LocationBerlin, Germany
  • PhotographyStudio Alvise Stramare

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