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Dujardin Remmers Groep


Ontwerpplek architects have designed a new office for Dujardin Remmers Groep. Located in Gorinchem, the building serves both as an inviting showroom of their products and a comfortable workplace for the team. 

Future-proof workplace 

Dujardin Remmers Groep provides integrated security storage and secure transfer solutions. Their new office had to fit the growing needs of the team. With that in mind, Ontwerpplek architects made the space as flexible as possible, leaving the room for its future adjustments. The workstations are located in areas with lots of daylight, while glass walls and floor disseminate the light throughout other zones. These transparent elements create a spacious and connected look of the space. 

"We’ve opted for De Vorm’s products as they offer a great price-quality ratio. The collection is recognised for its no-nonsense design and high customisability. It allows architects to play with colours and materials."
Marjolein van Dort | Partner at Ontwerpplek

Office and showroom in one place

The reception, showroom and meeting room were located on the ground floor, separately from the working zone. In this way, the consultants can receive visitors in a private and informal setting.  

Pod chair by De Vorm was positioned in the working space so that the employees could make phone calls in privacy. You can also spot our LJ chairs in the meeting room and cafe. Combined with Big tables, they provide a functional and inviting seating.  


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