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Dyson Headquarters Paris


The new Dyson headquarters in Paris is made up of two distinctly different buildings. The challenge was to unify the two structures whilst keeping the charming character and identity of both.
de vorm office isl dyson paris 26

Two buildings, one office

Dyson occupies two buildings not far from Montmartre in the centre of Paris. One, with very much domestic features holding small rooms, corridors, and staircases, whilst the other construction is made from a large open atrium space, very industrial in its character. The two buildings had, however, one common nominator - the typical ‘Parisian atelier windows’. These windows with narrowly spaced vertical upstands became one of the signatures in the refurbishment of this office, note lsl architects.

A cosy office kitchen

A large kitchen with many seating options is designed for the free use of all employees and guests. One wall is tiled with the famous Parisian type - metro tiles. The main dominating kitchen furniture is custom-made in stainless steel to give it that professional look and to soften the atmosphere, the architects chose a mix of wood, leather, painted metal and felt to furnish the rest of the space. LJ chairs and stools by De Vorm was an obvious choice in this space.
de vorm office isl dyson paris 18

Spaces for every need

The Dyson office holds a multitude of different spaces for, more or less formal meetings and breaks, with sofas, chairs, tables and pod chairs. All to the disposal for the Dyson staff and invited guests.

These areas are placed harmoniously throughout the office mixing with larger open areas, where the office desks are positioned. Every space has been given a usage, even the corridors are transformed into useful space for informal seating. It is in these areas we have often used Pod chairs by De Vorm.

The colour scheme is monochrome where floors, walls, ceilings and fixed furniture are painted in the same colour tonality. 
“We were extremely excited when we discovered De Vorm. The simple no-nonsense design with its clear and defined lines made from recyclable materials felt almost too good to be true. It goes very much in tune with our way of thinking and designing.”
Anki Linde |  lsl architects

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