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FEG Prague


02 foto studio flusser PERSPEKTIV FEG DEVORM 2020
Studio Perspektiv completed an extensive project of offices for Fortuna Entertainment Group in the centre of Prague. The studio managed to create an agile environment for employees and at the same time to unite different divisions under one roof.
01 foto studio flusser PERSPEKTIV FEG DEVORM 2020

Flexible shared work environment

In this project, the studio maximised the use of space and focused on three main characteristics of the design - simplicity, sustainability and efficiency. 

The goal was to maximise creative potential and set optimal conditions for agile working principles. Accommodating more than 700 employees, this flexible work environment became a single shared space instead of multiple dedicated workplaces.

Designed for sustainability 

Sustainability has been a fundamental pillar since the beginning of design planning. Space is dominated by recycled, natural and high-quality materials. Materials such as carpets made out of old recycled carpet parts, chair seats, and acoustic panels from PET bottles and terrazzo produced from waste stones had been used to minimise the environmental footprint.

Reflecting the company identity

FEG has a diverse international team representing 5 different countries and many divisions. To express the identity of the company, tailor-made illustrations appear throughout the space to accent the dynamics and creative atmosphere.
05 foto studio flusser PERSPEKTIV FEG DEVORM 2020
03 foto studio flusser PERSPEKTIV FEG DEVORM 2020

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