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Global sports company, Amsterdam


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Unique brand experience

Gensler and Hollandse Nieuwe completed an extensive 5-year renovation project for a global sports company. Located in Amsterdam, it offers a unique brand experience across 24.500 m2 of office space.

The design team translated the brand story through clear visual language and user experience. A black and light grey base is enriched with fresh colours and graphic elements. 
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Activity-based working

The new campus is designed to support activity-based working, offering multipurpose for agile and hybrid working styles. De Vorm's LJ and Hale seating solutions were incorporated into the meeting centre and other social areas of the campus.


Celebrating sports

Central to the brand identity, the theme of sports and well-being comes back in various interior choices - from sustainable materials and greenery to the sports facilities, both indoor and outdoor.
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  • ArchitectsGensler, Hollandse Nieuwe
  • Year 2022
  • Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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