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Gravis Headquarters, Berlin



Dynamic hub for collaboration and innovation

Preussisch Portugal took the task of redesigning Gravis' new headquarters in Berlin. The purpose was to meet the changing needs of the modern workplace and create flexible work structures for the future. As one of Europe's largest Apple service providers, with around 40 shops across Germany, Gravis wanted to transform its headquarters into a vibrant meeting centre that encourages exchange of ideas, innovation and teamwork.

To achieve this vision, Preussisch Portugal incorporated additional meeting areas and creative spaces, while also providing dedicated spaces for focused work and moments of retreat. The redesigned headquarters will serve as a dynamic hub, encouraging collaboration and inspiring the company's ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Office furniture that matches corporate identity

De Vorm's office furniture, such as the LJ 4 and Nook chairs for break-out spaces and custom-made Big tables with the LJ 2, fit perfectly into Gravis' new interior. In the lounge area, the custom Lite Table combined with the LJ 4 stools have been used in green, dark green and dark grey. The vibrant colours and materials perfectly match the corporate identity of the client. 
  • Interior design Preussisch Portugal
  • Year 2023
  • Location Berlin, Germany
  • Client Gravis
  • Photography Martim Barrento, Preussisch Portugal

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