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Hansa Invest, Hamburg



New brand identity meets new office identity

When Hansa Invest decided to renew their complete brand identity, moving into a new office was also part of the journey. Determined not to carry the old cubicle office structure into the new office. Under the working title "Mars Mission", a holistic change process started, evaluating not only the way of working in the future, but also their self-image. 

Seel Bobsin Partner Germany, responsible for the design, carefully selected the colours and materials for the interior that matched their new identity. They successfully connected the external and internal appearance of the company.

Vibrant appearance

The graphic elements throughout the building for orientation and direction make it easy to find your way. The open-plan areas with customised furniture as Nook lounge chairsLJ 3 stools and Big Tables make the office an inviting place to get together.
The selected furniture from De Vorm fits perfectly into the new brand identity. Especially its innovative design, the choice of frame colours and the sustainability aspect”

- Seel Bobsin Partner Germany

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