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Inspectie van het Onderwijs


de vorm office inspectie van het onderwijs nuy van noort 4
Studio Nuy van Noort designed a brand-new meeting space for the Inspectorate of Education (Inspectie van het Onderwijs). Located in the heart of Utrecht, it creates a flexible setting for the exchange of knowledge, communication and collaboration.

Fit for purpose

Studio Nuy van Noort believes that creating a new living environment is not merely designing rooms, open or closed. It is about making purposeful places - to work, meet and rest. Places that consider users both individually and as a group.

Instead of creating a collection of separate rooms, each floor is seen as one integral space with many flexible spots to work and meet. These spots can be used in several ways due to their location, size and design.
de vorm office inspectie van het onderwijs nuy van noort 5

Furniture and materials

The focus on flexibility was reflected in the furniture choice. As a result, the space has many modular and multifunctional elements. For instance, Hale and LJ 2 chairs are easy to stack and move around, allowing users to adjust the setting to a specific occasion.

Overall, the interior contains a palette of natural materials and calm colours. It creates a pleasant environment with the right balance between quiet and dynamic, private and social. In addition, sufficient daylight, plants and acoustic wall treatment contribute to the comfort of users in every possible aspect. Put together, all these elements make a purposeful working environment, ready to stand the test of time.
de vorm office inspectie van het onderwijs nuy van noort 3
  • Architectstudio Nuy van Noort
  • ClientRijksvastgoedbedrijf, Den Haag
  • Year 2020
  • Location Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Photography Ewout Huibers, studio Nuy van Noort

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