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Ion - Dealogic

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ION – Dealogic is the leading financial corporation with offices in nine countries all over the world. Mashroom Design decided to visualise the world's biggest metropolitan areas in the interior of their Budapest division. 
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Where connection is paramount 

Despite the fact that the company's offices are scattered around the globe, the interior design team wanted to unite them all in one place. Thus, the concept of connection was chosen as the starting point of this project. 

Space was divided into nine areas. Each of them represents one of the cities - New York, London, Sao Paulo, Peking, Sydney, Mumbai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Budapest – where the company is headquartered in. 

These cities are reflected in the interior in several forms, such as conference rooms, formal and informal meeting rooms and break-out zones. Space has been formed through the architectural inspirations of the given metropolis, through the use of colours, forms and details of buildings.
"The main concept of our design was connection.
Physical and virtual connection, locally and globally, in time and in space as well"

Fanni Bodrogi | Interior designer
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Smart systems and materials

In the design process, Mashroom Design focused on the challenges of the future that ensue from experiences of the past. They addressed it with smart solutions in lighting, engineering, IT and also in materials.

For instance, Mute Flow PET Felt panels were chosen to tackle the acoustics of ''Mumbai'' conference room. Additionally, the tactile structure and a wavy pattern greatly contribute to the aesthetics of this interior.  
  • Interior design Mashroom Design
    Bodrogi Fanni
    Gáti Anna
    Hitka András
    Megyeri Noémi
    Szego Gabor
    Zengovari Attila
  • ClientIon - Dealogic, Hungary
  • Project managementStay in Hungary
  • Construction companyConNext Hungary
  • PhotographyFilep Krisztina
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