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JetBrains Amsterdam


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JetBrains moved into their new work environment, located in the Huidekoper Building in Amsterdam. For a leading tech firm, D/DOCK developed a concept that breaks away from the traditional office setup.

From concept to interior

The JetBrains team occupies two floors of the office building. To unite them into a single harmonious workplace, the designers created a layout ensuring a free flow between different areas. This was achieved with a series of ‘ensuite’ spaces, rather than corridors. 

The two floors are connected by an internal staircase, resembling a tree hollow. This 'core' leads all the way to the rooftop terrace, overlooking the city centre of Amsterdam. The unique architecture of the roof structure and the curved windows on the upper floor adds a spacious and open look to this space.

Circularity was paramount in the design process. D/DOCK collaborated with many brands to implement second-life furniture and recycled materials. Our PET Felt products contributed to the sustainability goals set for this project. 

 B.I.T. stations

JetBrains office combines several areas: closed private team rooms, hybrid collaborative spaces, concentration rooms, knowledge niches, breakout and bleisure facilities. To meet the needs of the engineering teams, D/DOCK designed the so-called B.I.T (Boost Individual Talent) stations. They offer an environment that boosts concentration, with high protection from external stimuli. At the same time, the B.I.T. stations are secure for storing sensitive data and customisable to the individual needs of users.

Acoustic comfort

The whole space is designed with a wide palette of materials, textures and styles. It looks playful and inviting, but is nonetheless functional. To ensure proper acosutic comfort, the Mute Flow panels were installed throughout the shared spaces. The variety of colours and a wavy pattern contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of this interior.
  • Design D/DOCK
  • Client JetBrains
  • Year 2020
  • Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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