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Little Dot Studios


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Little Dot Studios new London HQ reveals the company’s ethos to nurture and support their teams within the fast-paced media industry. Narrative design studio selected a palette of soft domestic materials to dissolve the hard edge of a tech business.
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Contemporary workplace inside the old brewery

Initially an industrial building, the Old Truman Brewery presented a spectacular two-floor site with more than 2000 m2 of space. Now, it turned into a warm and welcoming space for Little Dot’s young workforce.

The designer decided to retain some of the old factory features, such as waffle cell ceiling and brick walls, in order to preserve the character of this unique location. Balanced with soft colours and materials, the overall look underlines company's friendly and casual ethos.

Informal breakout zones

The breakout rooms needed to be a versatile addition to the workspace, where people could hold informal meetings or spend their lunch together. As a result, multiple informal areas appeared throughout the space, with a variety of seating options. Employees and visitors can relax in generous lounge chairs or take a spot at a shared workstation with counter stools.

The final result is spectacular - every part of this workplace is casual, yet very functional and can easily adapt to the specific needs of users.
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