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The LTO (Agriculture and Horticulture Organization) is an employers' and workers' association in the Hague, the Netherlands. VOID Interior Architects have redesigned their office, giving it a fresh look with our LJ 2 and Nook Lounge Chairs. 
SP2017 LTO 12 HiRes
SP2017 LTO 11 HiRes

Modest and contemporary

The LJ chairs and the Nook by De Vorm contribute to the modest and contemporary interior design with a dark green colour palette.

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SP2017 LTO 5 HiRes

PET Felt furniture

The seats of De Vorm's furniture are made of a felt material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. A soft, though strong felt material that is durable and has a great acoustic performance. A modern twist in materiality in the strict architectural building.

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SP2017 LTO 1 HiRes


SP2017 LTO 4 HiRes

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