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Metro Markets Office


Urselmann Interior completed a large-scale office project for Metro Markets in Düsseldorf. The main design idea was to create a modern, dynamic space where employees feel comfortable and connected. 

Vibrant environment for young talents

The "feel-good" factor was particularly important for this project. The client wanted to provide employees with a functional, yet playful space and many opportunities for fun and synergy. Another task was to create an attractive workplace for IT professionals. Their team is constantly growing and recruiting young talents is one of the top priorities.

Urselmann Interior used the corporate identity as a basis for the new interior. To create the desired fresh and youthful look, the designers implemented the outspoken brand colours in many surprising ways.

They designed vibrant yellow and pink meeting rooms by combining ton-sur-ton PET Felt wall panels and chairs. The canteen became a place where all colours come together - it presents a bright mix, translated through custom frames of LJ 4 stools.

Human-centric workplace

Another essential requirement to the new office was overall comfort of employees. The designers supported it by natural materials, lots of greenery and natural light.

To facilitate productivity and teamwork, the layout was designed for maximum diversity and adaptability.  It provides various social areas, as well as focus spots. The wide choice of flexible zones enables users to choose where and how they want to work. 
"It was also particularly important to us that the staff feels comfortable in their new working environment. Long-lasting solid birch plywood with carpentry joints, many green plants that improve air quality, as well as bright colours provide the necessary feel-good factor here and give room for new ideas."
Sarah Schürmann | Urselmann Interior

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