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Monday Office Vilnius


Colorful, bold and incentive, Monday Office re-thinks the very concept of co-working to meet the demands of the new workplace reality.

Forward-looking office

Monday Office founders were seeking to create an inspiring environment where you could start the work week in style. It was essential to ensure the privacy of residents, while providing enough space for various activities - both formal and informal.

For the second location of Monday Office, HEIMA architects remained loyal to the original concept, which proved itself quite relevant in the times of pandemic. The space consists of private, equipped and fully serviced offices accommodating small teams from 1 to 5 persons. It also offers several meetings rooms, phone booths and leisure areas at everyone's disposal. 

Colourful boost

Contrasting and bright colours play a key role in the interior. The original intention was to create a brave and inviting space representing future residents of the office - ambitious, daring, appreciating quality and identity. 

To add character to the space, the architects chose striking turquoise for the walls, covering them with acoustic panels. With an intriguing curtain-like effect, the panels dampen the noises in shared areas and hallways. 

The working studios, on the contrary, feature more neutral tones to provide visual comfort. PET Felt on the walls contributes to the soft and calming expression. The studios are attached to exterior walls of the building, therefore they are filled with natural daylight. They are able to expand or shrink depending on the size of the team working inside. 
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