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Neue Stadtschulen St. Gallen & Zürich


Neue Stadtschule St. Gallen and Zürich are new spaces for autonomous learning in a specially designed environment. This innovative concept designed by Raumreaktion offers an environment in which young people can independently work through the learning content in addition to the regular specialist inputs.

Spaces for autonomous learning

The Neue Stadtschulen in St. Gallen and Zürich are private high schools that approach education in a progressive, non-conventional manner. There are no traditional classrooms and teachers. As a school where teachers become coaches and students become learning partners, education opens a new way of learning. Their approach is focused on self-initiative instead of external control.

Encouraging collaboration and focus

The St. Gallen location is a new building including the co-learning space, meeting rooms, coaching rooms, an art atelier as well as a library. The Zürich Location is smaller and integrated in an existing building - it includes a co-learning space, as well as a meeting room. 

The most central and important space of the Neue Stadtschule is the co-learning lab. A space with different zones and typologies - from very private and protected areas where one can focus and concentrate, to more exposed and dynamic areas where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged. 
De Vorm’s Big tables offer comfortable meeting spots, where brainstorms and group sessions take place, while Mute Flow panels take care of acoustic comfort in shared areas. 

'We love De Vorm products because their design has a human touch yet feel timeless. Their modularity and various design and colour options are stimulating and unique. We owe it to ourselves and the future generation to design sustainably. De Vorm was the right partner for this'. 

- Raumreaktion 
  • ClientNeue Stadtschulen
  • Interior design Raumreaktion
  • Year 2020-2021
  • LocationSt.Gallen & Zürich
  • PhotographyValentina Verdesca

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