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Newday Offices, Almere

Newday Offices opened their ninth branch in Almere, the Netherlands. Designed by Ditt. Officemakers, it has everything a modern workplace needs. The new office space is easily accessible, well-furnished and has all necessary facilities for a productive working day. 
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The workplace of today 

Newday Offices offer modern and comfortable workspaces throughout the Netherlands. They strive to ensure that customers have everything needed to work efficiently and, therefore, design every new location with great consideration. Following their successful collaboration with Newday Offices, Ditt. Officemakers were made responsible for the design of the Almere branch as well.

For this project, the designers developed a new identity of Newday offices, realised throughout the social heart and the outdoor space. Another task was to upgrade the office wings accordingly.
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Lively and colourful 

The newly developed identity was made especially for this location. It is vibrant and youthful, just like the customers of Newday Offices. This identity is reflected in the interior through a fresh colour palette and a natural well-rounded design language. 

The designers chose custom RAL colours for the frames of LJ chairs and stools. These colourful, yet subtle details are present in every social area - canteen, bar zone and meeting rooms. 

With a completely redesigned ground floor, optimised amenities and a brand-new terrace, Newday Offices is ready for the working days to come. 
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