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Palace of Justice, Den Bosch


de vorm palace of justice den bosch fokkemapartners 2
The first phase of the extensive renovation of the Palace of Justice in Den Bosch has been completed. Commissioned to Fokkema & Partners in collaboration with Dura Vermeer and Croonwolter&Dros, this project will encompass the renovation of an impressive 32,000 square meters. The ultimate goal is to make this characteristic building comply with the highest standards in terms of sustainability and workplace ergonomics by 2023.
de vorm palace of justice den bosch fokkemapartners 3
de vorm palace of justice den bosch fokkemapartners

Highest standards

The main priorities throughout this renovation project include workplace comfort, diversity and transparency in a sustainable environment. During the first phase, the architects have tackled various aspects of the indoor climate - from technical installations to sound insulation. Material choices were also made with careful consideration - natural and recycled materials such as wood and felt contribute both to the comfort of users and to the sustainable goals of the project. 

The architects preserved the distinctive architecture of some rooms, accentuating their cupola-shaped ceilings with Mute Flow acoustic panels by De Vorm. Not only does it benefit the interior aesthetically, but also improves the sound absorption within these acoustically challenging spaces. 

Thanks to the rearrangement of the building, many areas have received more daylight, offering a spacious and open feel. At the same time, employees can make the workspaces larger or smaller, ensuring the effective use of space. As a result, the premises will eventually accommodate other related justice organisations. The multidisciplinary team has now proceeded to the second phase, making every effort to achieve a minimum of nuisance, also during the third and final renovation phase that will commence in mid-2022.
  • ClientDutch Central Real Estate Agency
  • DesignFokkema & Partners
  • ConstructionDura Vermeer and Croonwolter&Dros
  • Year2022
  • Location Den Bosch, the Netherlands
  • Photography Lucas van der Wee

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