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PKV Vlněna Campus


de vorm pkv office 20 LR
PREMIER interiors did a fantastic job for the engineering company PKV. Together with Andrea Pastrnek, the studio was responsible for the design, project implementation and furniture supply for the new office space of PKV, a part of Vlněna Campus in Brno.

In line with the company philosophy

PKV is a smart forerunner in the engineering industry, helping enterprises reduce their carbon footprint and modernise business processes. Following the company's values and mission, the requirements to their own office were set as high. 

The new interior had to meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability, technology and user experience. The visual style is therefore purely based on the essence of the company, complementing its philosophy and perspective on energy, ecology and finance.

Smart solutions for a smart office

The new interior detached from a classic office layout and presents a non-traditional setting with a variety of flexible spots. Users can choose for themselves where and how they want to work. The large shared space offers a variety of seating options - high tables with bar stools, dining tables with generous armchairs, semi-secluded boxes and a small lounge zone. 
The correct setting of acoustics was also an essential factor. The design team used acoustic panels in meeting rooms, made of recycled plastic.

Every element of this interior points out its main goal - the comfort of users. At the same time, it underlines the company's values, bringing a second life to reusable materials.
de vorm pkv office 16 LR
  • Interior designPREMIER interiors, Andrea Pastrnek
  • ClientPKV
  • LocationBrno, Czech Republic
  • Year2020
  • PhotographyPinarto Studio

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