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PlanMen, Doorn


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Surrounded by nature
To meet the needs of their growing team, PlanMen moved to new, larger premises located at Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn. A so-called office farm hidden in the middle of the forest, it offers various opportunities to work and meet, both inside and outside. 

To match the client’s identity as well as the unique location of their new office, Studio Zebra based their design on three key pillars - planning, balance and nature. A soft, organic colour palette chosen for this interior was inspired by the stones, which acquire their shape and colour over time. 
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Tailored to user needs

Consisting of three main sections, the layout of the new office facilitates various activities and interactions. The central area presents a social space with a cosy lounge vibe, where people can meet and work in an informal setting. 

On both sides of the social heart of the office, you will find workplaces with open as well as private spots. To support focus and concentrated work, the design team applied Mute Fit PET Felt acoustic panels on the walls.

There are also many shared spaces for group activities, where various-sized groups can gather at the Big tables for brainstorming sessions, workshops and ad-hoc meetings.  
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  • Interior design Studio Zebra
  • ClientPlanMen
  • Year 2022
  • Location Doorn, the Netherlands
  • Photography Suzanne Paap (Bloominspiration)

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