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Verwaltungsgebäude Pröckl GmbH, Arnstorf



Innovative design in the new administration building

The new administration building of the Verwaltungsgebäude Pröckl GmbH in Arnstorf was executed by Frank Architects. This building includes a canteen, an open office concept, a communication area, and a warehouse. The modern design makes the workspace functional and engaging.

Acoustic optimisation and creative use of space

A key feature of this project is the strategic use of De Vorm’s Mute Fit acoustic panels, set into a curved frame to create unique niches for seating. This design choice not only enhances the office's acoustics but also maximises space utility, offering comfortable seating areas.

Vibrant brand integration and execution

The incorporation of Pröckl's brand colors, yellow and green, throughout the building adds vibrancy and a cohesive aesthetic. Nook Lounge Chair in ton-sur-ton yellow exemplifies this color integration, reflecting the company's identity. Frank Architects' execution of this project showcases how brand elements can be effectively translated into office design
  • Architect / Interior designFrank Architekten
  • Client Verwaltungsgebäude Pröckl GmbH
  • Year 2023
  • LocationArnstorf, Niederbayern
  • PhotographyStefan Schilling

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