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Sartorius, Berlin


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Multifunctional hub inside a former brewery for an international life science company. 

Flexible and inspiring workspace

For Sartorius, mintdesign team realised an impressive 3,200 m2 workspace on the premises of a former brewery in Berlin, following the renovation of the building by David Chipperfield Architects.

Balancing monumental architecture with modern and functional interior, the location offers a variety of multi-functional areas to accommodate diverse activities. From everyday office use to conferences and workshops, different room configurations are possible thanks to flexible layout and movable furniture.

The hub also features a number of breakout spots with privacy chairs, suitable for informal meetings as well as telephone calls and focused work. Greenery and yellow furniture add vibrant accents to the interior, reflecting the corporate identity of Sartorius.  

To keep distractions at a minimum, the design team applied acoustic wall panels, sound-absorbing ceiling installation and room dividers across various office areas. Thanks to the constructive cooperation of all involved parties, this historic location was transformed into a future-proof location with every amenity a modern office needs.
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de vorm sartorius berlin

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