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Scuola Segra, Castelfranco Veneto



Innovative Acoustic Solution for Educational Spaces

Durante Ufficio took on the challenge to create an environment at Segra School that was conducive to learning while also being acoustically comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Bringing a blend of innovative design and sustainable solutions to the forefront. The focus was on creating a space that was not only functional for educational purposes but also engaging and inspiring for both students and staff.

Sustainable acoustic solutions

Known for their exceptional acoustic properties, Mute Fit PET Felt Acoustic Panels by De Vorm were the perfect match for this project and transformed the school's interiors. The choice of materials and colors was key to aligning with the school’s vibrant and dynamic ethos.The Mute Fit Panels, made from recycled plastic bottles, offered a perfect blend of ecological responsibility and functional design, improving the acoustic quality of classrooms and communal areas while adding a visually stimulating element to the space.

Creating an engaging learning environment

The installation of the panels has made a significant difference in the school's environment. They have enhanced the auditory experience in the classrooms, making them more conducive to learning and interaction. Their design and color scheme also contribute to an atmosphere that stimulates creativity and focus. The chosen color palette created a relaxing atmosphere, essential for a focused and serene learning environment.

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