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SHUZ is a shoe store with character. Thanks to Binnenbrand architects, the brand identity is now reflected in the interior of their division in Gouda. It welcomes clients with an inviting atmosphere and contributes to a pleasant shopping experience. 

Sustainable interior 

It was important for the client to avoid unnecessary material use for this project, so the decision was made to reuse part of the previous interior. The architects also made realistic sustainable choices as to the new products. As a result, many elements of the newly-created interior are reused or made from recycled materials.

Tactile, aesthetic and acoustic

Binnenbrand architects have chosen Mute Flow panels to cover the walls of the showcase island in the middle of the shop. A striking turquoise colour, combined with a wavy pattern made this area a centrepiece of the interior. 
"I chose the Mute Series because its wavy shape is reflected in the other furniture. It adds an extra layer to the whole look and feel of the interior. Using acoustic materials is also beneficial for a retail project, like this."
Annemiek Meijer |  Interior Designer



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