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Soundcloud HQ


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Future-oriented workplace 

Studio Vale and Carolin Reibel completed an extensive re-design of Soundcloud headquarters in Berlin. With a goal to provide their employees with more space during the pandemic and support flexible work in the long term, the global streaming provider acquired an additional floor to realise the so-called Soundcloud Loft. This newly designed space offers flexible rooms for collaborations, focus work, seminars and time-off moments surrounded with sunlight and terraces.


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Designed for flexibility 

To cover as many usage scenarios as possible, the design team created various user-configurable spaces with movable and multi-purpose elements. In addition to flexibility, it was also essential to maintain uniformity and visual coherence of such spaces. As the studio describes it, "no matter what form the room takes, it always looks and feels as if it was made for that purpose."

Studio Vale chose our Big table systems and LJ seating solutions for many of these flexible rooms, making them suitable for quick collaborative moments, laptop isolated work or temporary small teams. Looking into the future, these spaces can be later transformed into fully functional workstations is the client needs change.

"We chose the De Vorm products knowing that De Vorm is a company with a sustainable mindset and that their products will, after use, can be well integrated into the new chains and loops of the circular economy of the future. Since we worked with a very dominant industrial architecture, we selected these products for their minimal yet warm aesthetics."
João Gonçalves | Studio Vale    
  • DesignStudio Vale + Carolin Reibel
  • ClientSoundcloud
  • Year 2022
  • LocationBerlin, Germany
  • PhotographySebastian Dörken
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