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Star Alliance + Swissport Aspire Lounges


de vorm hospitality ddock swissport schiphol 02
Frequent travellers can now enjoy the brand-new lounge at Schiphol Airport. Accommodating a total of 350 visitors, it is a shared space of Star Alliance and Swissport Aspire

An inviting lounge space 

D/DOCK was in charge of the interior design and execution of the two lounges. Each of them has separate welcome counters and a unique atmosphere. However, the convenience and comfort of travellers were the priority for both parts. Each lounge offers cosy areas for relaxation with generous couches and high-backed furniture. You can spot the Nook chairs, inviting the visitors to sit back and relax. At the buffet, there are high bar tables with LJ 3 stools.
de vorm hospitality ddock swissport schiphol 03

Inspired by local background 

On the Swissport Aspire side, D/DOCK drew inspiration from the local Dutch landscape with roads, dykes, pastures and farm fields. These patterns are incorporated in the floor and ceiling design.

In the Star Alliance lounge, the décor is inspired by the interior of a grand café or hotel lounge with dark oak wood floors and an interesting mix of traditional and Dutch Design furniture pieces.

While each lounge has its own unique atmosphere, they connected in the middle. The lowered copper ceiling is extended to both sides to create unity of the space.
de vorm hospitality ddock swissport schiphol 01
de vorm hospitality ddock swissport schiphol 04

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